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Do you think you should experiment with advanced forms of online marketing that others are not?  In this day and age, advertising is more competitive than ever. You can’t afford to experiment with anything less than the latest forms of Enhanced online advertising. It’s more valuable to you, your business, and your customers than ever before. Don’t risk becoming an outdated word – be a noun!



Enhanced Online Advertising

In the current era of competition for any business big or small in order to grow them, we would recommend them not just online advertisement but, an enhanced online ad.

It promotes brand recognition. If you’re looking to grow your business, you need to embrace the latest in online marketing.  Your competitors have been slow to adapt to the new world, so it’s in your best interest to give them a head start


It is not as easy to grab the client’s attention as it used to be earlier.

There has to be a perfect strategy for influencer marketing, OTT platforms

(Over-The-Top) etc & marketing through APP.


OTT advertising offers are very effective and ideal for big brands and SMEs. Influencer marketing can help you reach your target audience very effectively.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

OTT Platforms Ads

Influencer Marketing

News Portal Ads

Application Ads

Websites Ads

Benefits of Enhanced Online Advertisement

Do you want an advanced online advertisement strategy for your business to increase brand awareness & reach?

We got you covered!

Outlast Your Competition

Enhance online advertising gives you a competitive advantage in upgrading your advertising efforts to the next level. This takes you in a position where the big companies stand in terms of promotion.

Reach Millions of People

Through Enhanced Online Advertising, you run your campaigns under the most popular application, websites, OTT platforms and influencers, giving you an advantage of leveraging the leads from their existing audiences.

Rank Up Your Brand Identity

Running campaigns through the major Apps/ Websites/OTTs/Influencers would make the audiences know your marketing efforts and they would see you side by side with the top brands in India. This will help you increase your brand identity.

Increase Sales

Reaching millions of people through Enhanced Online Marketing will not only help you gain a lot of attention but also get conversions as well.

Our Approach to

Enhanced Online Advertisement

Learn about our process in Enhanced Online Advertisement

We ask for your basic details like:

– Your Brand Details

– Your Target Group

– Your Target Market

– Tentative Budget

– Campaign Duration

– We will research your niche, your target market, and your competitor’s strategy and create a list of services suitable for you

– We will brainstorm on different ways we can perform marketing for your business so that you can get the best ROI

– We will discuss our resultant strategy with our media partners to check the available options

– We will negotiate with them for you so that you can get the best value from our services

– We will present our proposed strategy to you explaining how it will benefit your business

– We will start the marketing process as soon as an agreement is done between you and Kartafol

OTT Platforms

Influencer Marketing

News Portals

Application Advertising

Website Advertising

Our Enhanced Online Advertisement Plans

Enhanced Online Advertising methods are highly vigorous and prices vary depending on various factors. Please contact us to get a quote from us with current pricing.


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