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While developing a company’s marketing strategy, we also recommend what combination of traditional marketing and digital marketing services you will require to achieve your company’s goals.


Traditional marketing is any type of offline marketing. Even if you have exhausted all options for reaching your target audience online, don’t overlook the vast array of traditional marketing to broaden your reach.


It is recommended that a good mix of digital and traditional marketing be used. Both methods work well in different scenarios.


Traditional Marketing

You should consider the following questions when developing your marketing strategy:


How do we market effectively using both traditional and digital marketing tactics?

Have you tried every method of digital marketing and still want to expand your reach?

Do you want to reach out to a local audience?

Do you want to reach out to people in your community?

Does your business benefit from TV, radio, newspapers, magazines & billboards platform channels?

Billboards/ Hoardings

Airport/ Airline






Bus Shelter

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Do you want a more known way of marketing for your business to increase brand awareness & reach?

We got you covered!

Local Audience Reachability

Traditional Marketing is the best way to reach your local audiences and spread your advertising. Methods like radio and newspaper reach even the audiences who are not much into technology.

Reusable and Recyclable

Traditional Marketing methods are often reusable and recyclable, which means they can be stored easily for later use.

Familiar Marketing Method

Traditional Marketing methods have been very familiar to every type of audience since the beginning of marketing itself. It means that it doesn’t require any explanation and is easy to understand for most people.


Hard Copies are Easy to Process

The hard copies of your marketing efforts will be easier to process by the audience and they will recall them in the future.

Very Good Exposure

Traditional Marketing helps you reach every type of audience, regardless of age, gender, language, etc.

New Audiences

Traditional Marketing allows you to reach a wide variety of audiences and demographics. It helps you spread your message to a large population at a given time, allowing new audiences to reach every day.

Increase Brand Awareness

Traditional Marketing results in making people aware of your brand and simply recalling you whenever any product related to your niche comes to their mind. This gives you a chance to convert your brand name to a noun.

Our Approach to Traditional Marketing

Learn about our process in Traditional Marketing

We ask you for basic details like:

– Your brand details

– Your target group

– Your target market

– Tentative Budget

– Campaign Duration

– We will research your niche, your target market, and your competitors’ strategy and create a list of services suitable for you

– We will brainstorm on different ways we can perform marketing for your business so that you can get the best ROI

– We will discuss our resultant strategy with our media partners to check on available options

– We will negotiate with them for you so that you can get the best value from our services

– We will present our proposed strategy to you explaining how it will benefit your business

– We will start the marketing process as soon as an agreement is done between you and Kartafol

Our Traditional Marketing Plans

Non-traditional marketing methods are highly vigorous and prices vary depending on various factors. Please contact us to get a quote from us with current pricing.


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