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Social Media Marketing?

We create a right social media strategy for each social media platform that is specific to your business. It increases audience interaction and engagement.

Also, it increases repeat business from clients and gives your brand recognition.

For social media to be appealing to its customers, it needs a good plan combined with creativity. It can be an effective technique for spreading your message to a large audience.


Social Media Marketing

The opportunity is enormous, but it won’t present itself to you on its own.

You must create a content plan to keep your audience engaged.

You must keep an eye on your competitors, customer engagements, recent trends, and so on.

You must assess content and post regularly, as well as monitor engagements.

Successful social media marketing offers the benefit of allowing you to highlight the goods, services, culture, people, and values of your business.

So, what social media marketing plan do you have?


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Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Are you getting enough traffic from your target audience on social media?

We have your back!

Faster & Easier Communication

Make sure to respond to your clients’ queries and concerns real quick. It shows that you care about your clients & their business.

Increase Trust & Brand Awareness

Gaining the trust of customers is essential for growing a brand’s recognition. It can be attained by providing continuous valuable information. It will help you to attract repeat client hence loyal customers.

Organic Reach & Paid Reach

Build relationships by frequently posting stuff that is pertinent, informative, amusing, or inspirational.
Use the appropriate strategy when publishing paid advertisements since this will allow you to reach new audiences and convert them to customers.

More Traffic To Website

Ensure that your social media profiles are optimised, use social proof, post timely, high-quality content that includes a call to action. Engage the audience by conducting surveys and polls, get feedback and tweak your social media strategy time to time.


Social media is cheaper than any other kind of advertising now in use . Establishing business goals and a budget is crucial. Measuring the ROI from your campaigns enables you to revise your strategies and modify your campaigns so that you can continuously assess their effectiveness.

Measuring Success with Analytics

It’s an excellent tool for assessing the effectiveness of social media initiatives while keeping track of numerous metrics. Your website’s most important pages should contain a Facebook tracking pixel. Paid analytics assist in evaluating the success of a paid campaign,
such as Reach, conversion rate, and cost per click etc.

Better Client Interaction & Engagement

The majority of interactions take place on social media through actions likes, shares, comments, tags, follows, and direct messages. You can share tales, missions, and vision on this platform, among other things. As a result, it’s crucial to provide engaging material that draws viewers attention in while also attending to their questions and concerns.

Higher Conversion

Due to the enormous volume of interactions on social media, having a proven strategy can yeild high conversation. While trying to gain new customers through advertising, it’s crucial to have excellent content to increase organic reach.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers find social media platforms more convenient to engage , so businesses can utilise them to interact quickly, respond to inquiries, and handle complaints, providing excellent customer support.


Retarget Your Audience

Retargeting ads are a type of online advertising that targets specific audiences who have earlier engaged with your business. There are several techniques to target people who have already interacted with your company. Since they are warm leads, implementing the appropriate strategy may result in a paying clients.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Learn about our process in Social Media Marketing

– Understanding the currently active networks

– Checking the optimization of the already active networks

– Analysing the networks bringing in the most value

– Comparing the networks with the competitors

– Creation of ideal customer persona based on age, location, job title, income, pain points and/or most used social network

– Creating a clear and precise brand identity reflecting social media mission statement which aligns with the business’s motive

– Creating a content bank for the ads

– Identifying the keywords and/or hashtags relevant to the ads

– Creating a content schedule for the ads to run

– Setting up relevant tools for managing the ads

– Creating social media ads and optimising them

– Setting up A/B Tests by slightly tweaking ad copy

– Setting up analytics with relevant success metrics like growth, the reach of posts, audience engagement

– Studying analytics after each successful campaign to analyse and optimize the ad content for the next campaign to come

Our Social Media Base Plans

Note: These are Standard Social Media Marketing plans and as per the client requirements and our policy revisions, prices are subject to change.

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