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  • Premium plugins that will take your site to the next level
  • Lightning-fast page loading speeds
  • Eye-catching design that will make your visitors say “Wow!”
  • Optimized for search engine visibility, so you can dominate the rankings
  • Analytics are built right in, so you can track your site’s performance like a boss

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Are you tired of websites that load slower than a tortoise on tranquilizers? Fed up with designs that make you want to poke your eyes out with a fork? Say goodbye to those headaches and hello to Kartafol – the web development solution that will make your competition quake in their boots!

With Kartafol, you’ll get access to premium plugins that will supercharge your website’s functionality. Our cutting-edge features will make your site a shining beacon on the web, with lightning-fast page loading speeds and eye-catching design that will make your visitors say “Wow!”

But that’s not all – our sites are also optimized for search engine visibility, meaning your site will be a top contender for those coveted Google rankings. And with analytics baked right into the platform, you’ll be able to track and analyze your site’s performance like a boss.

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Benefits of Website Development

Do you want a professional website for your business to increase brand awareness & reach?

We got you covered!

Builds Credibility

Ensure your potential customer that you are a legitimate business by providing essential details on your own business website.

Build Brand Identity

Showcase all about your business through expressing your mission, vision, values, and brand design.

Boost Brand Recognition

Reach more people and help them recognize and recall your business by creating a hub for all your marketing efforts.

Build Connections with Customers

It is important to have a website in general to build connections, but also to have a well-performing one. The more positively the customer views your business, the stronger the connection you will have with them.

Web Development Drives Sales

Customers can more easily find your business if you have a website. If your website has an easy user experience and is formatted correctly, those visits then turn into sales.

You Need a Website for Digital Marketing

If you plan to use digital marketing to drive consumers to your business, you are going to need a website. Almost every digital advertising platform out there needs to verify if you have a website.

Get Organic Traffic

The best way to get traffic to your business website is via organic traffic. It is a free method of getting traffic to your website and your business which will help customers find you without any marketing effort.

Web Development Updates Clients

Keep your customer updated about your latest products, deals and discount, updates on products/services, hours of operation, and upcoming events on your website.

Make Customer Service Easier

Help your clients provide feedback, or help them in fixing your product or services 

Compete with Large Brands in Your Local Area

Despite your locality, customers may not even know you exist. However, having a website can help you get discovered amongst the large brands and makes you an option for potential customers.

Samples for Website Development

Check our design samples in website development

Cupcake Wonderland

Sharp Home Interiors

Sharp Home Interiors

Our Website Development comes with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee!

Get a risk-free experience of getting a website for you or your business

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Our Website Development Plans

Starts as low as ₹5,000


Website Type

Single Page, Multi Page, E-Commerce Basic, E-Commerce Premium, E-Commerce Advanced

Additional information

Website Type

Single Page, Multi Page, E-Commerce Basic, E-Commerce Premium, E-Commerce Advanced

Our Approach to Website Development

Learn about our process in website development and designing

– Setting up Hosting and Domain

– Optimising Hosting

– Setting up SSL

– Installing necessary programs and plugins

– Creating important pages like Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc.

– Adding content to Homepage, Privacy Policy, etc.

– Defining global design font and colours

– Customizing Homepage design in accordance with the company theme

– Customizing other pages on the website on a similar theme as the Homepage

– Performing on-page Search Engine Optimization on all the pages and media

– Linking pages of the website to each other on buttons, links and wherever necessary

– Adding relevant meta descriptions and optimising title tags, heading, filenames, alt tags, meta tags, etc. based on the target keywords

– Submitting website for Search Engine Indexing

– Creating and linking Analytics, CDN, etc to the website for analytics and content delivery across the globe

Not Sure What Will be Right for You?

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