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In today’s scenario, sometimes traditional marketing is expensive, and the return on investment is decreasing.


It is easy to skip due to the audience’s short attention span on television ads, cable TV, and radio.

Anything that is not a part of traditional marketing is considered non-traditional marketing.


It is also beneficial to target a specific audience.


non traditional marketing

So the good news is that it is reasonably priced. It’s all about having a goal and using your creativity.


It is now highly recommended to use non-traditional marketing in conjunction with other marketing channels.

If you’re still not sure, consider the following:

Don’t have a large marketing budget?

Is your ROI low?


No matter how well you work or how strong your marketing strategies are, you will always require new marketing techniques to grow.


Are you ready to experiment with new marketing methods?

Metro Trains


Newspaper Inserts

Auto Adverts

No Parking Boards

Mall and IT Parks


Railway Station


IRCTC Catering

Benefits of Non-Traditional Marketing

Do you want an unusual way to do marketing for your business to increase brand awareness & reach?

We got you covered!

Stand Out from the Crowd

By applying a different approach to marketing than your competitors, you get a chance to stand out from them.

Increase Visibility

Non-traditional marketing increases your ad visibility by placing ads strategically where most people can see them. It can help you reach even the busiest people.

Make Yourself Well Remembered

People will most likely remember your advertisement by having a memory of using the product in which your ad was present.

Connect with People in Unexpected Ways

People will often be surprised by seeing your ad in an unusual place than simply ignoring it. It gives you the advantage of being more known amongst your competitors.

Our Approach to Non-Traditional Marketing

Learn about our process in Non-Traditional Marketing

We ask you for some basic details like:

-Your brand details

-Your target group(if any)

-Your target market

-Tentative budget

-Campaign duration

-We will research your niche, your target market, and your competitor’s strategy and create a list of services suitable for you with investment suggestions

-We’ll brainstorm on different ways we can perform marketing for your business so that you can get the best ROI.

-We will discuss our resultant strategy with our media partners to check the available options

-We’ll negotiate with them for you so that you can get the best value from our services

– We’ll present our proposed strategy to you explaining how it will benefit your business

– We will start the marketing process as soon as necessary procedures are processed between both parties

Our Non-Traditional Marketing Plans

Non-traditional marketing methods are highly vigorous and prices vary depending on various factors. Please contact us to get a quote from us with current pricing.


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