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Project goal

The client had the less initial idea of how an e-commerce website works and how it will benefit them. So we made them understand the benefits of reachability and lead generation through their website. When the client reached out to us, he told us that he has recently started his business and it was going very well for a few months, but soon dropped due to the competitor’s strong marketing and online presence. He wanted to get a solution that could help him in getting more attention on the market and provide them with the best ROI.


We provided him with an e-commerce setup that would help him get an online presence on his budget. Also, we provided him with a full year of maintenance, free of charge. The website itself includes a CRM at the back end which helps him keep track of the sales analytics, quotes, contacts, Google Shopping listing, Email Marketing, Feedback, and task scheduling, along with the freedom to add more products on his own. We also educated him about how things would work. The website would consist of an appealing homepage with a separate shop page so that people can know the brand as well as the products. When the client agreed on creating a website with us, he did not know much about content marketing and the online presentation of the brand, so we also had to work on the content of their website. The website was 80% complete within 3 days and only the product information was awaited by the client which caused some delays. The work was handed over to the client successfully within 20 days with no errors whatsoever, with a page speed score of over 90 on Google Pagespeed and Google Analytics and indexing set-up.


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October 10, 2022