Hansy Exim General Trading

We were contacted by one of the executives of Hansy Exim General Trading LLC on June’22. They had a problem in which while they were approaching the clients, they didn’t have much to show them. So

they wanted

us to solve this problem in a simple way.

For this approach, we suggested various ways in which they can tackle the problem

The First

of which was to get a good-looking and functional website which they can show to the client and also get clients through organic search as well as paid advertising in the future.

The second

was they should work on their social media with some excellent graphic media which we’ll provide.

The Third

was to get graphic designs of eye catchy brochures that will grab clients’ attention when they show them to them.

But they were just starting out in designing the appearance of their brand so they wanted to first see the different things will make, one at a time.

The Solution

We then provided them with various brochure designs for them to choose from, and they selected one which was signifying their brand the most with a similar colour structure and design factor. They provided us with their logos and content to add there.

The Delivery

We provided the final design with various formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF Standard, PDF Printable, SVG and GIF to be used wherever they might feel suitable. We compressed the above files into a ZIP file and mailed it to them.

The client was satisfied with the design and you can check his 5-Star Review on TrustPilot.


Posted on

July 17, 2022