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10 Benefits of Website Development that Nobody will Tell You

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Digital Marketing | 4 comments

Are you planning to get your business to the next level by getting online? One of the best ways to get online in 2023 is to get a website for your business. Most companies are going through this path and the ones not going might soon be left behind! But do you even know its benefits? Without knowing you might not get a clear picture of what you’re going to get with Website Development. So let’s discuss. This article will discuss 10 benefits you’ll get going online with a website.

This article is useful for entrepreneurs, business owners, store owners, e-commerce enthusiasts, online marketplace merchants, or anyone looking for ways to grow their business online.

10 Benefits of Website Development

Let’s now discuss the benefits of website development. The most important benefit that you should probably be currently thinking about might be that it will be helping in the growth of your business. Well, the good news is that, YES it does! When Website Development is done properly, it takes your business to the next level, by getting you a better reputation in the market, getting leads, getting sales and even getting worldwide reach. This is very difficult if you are trying to achieve the same with only the traditional methods.

Look around you! Everyone is shopping online nowadays, you see everywhere that people are buying products from Flipkart or Amazon all the time. Don’t you think it is now high time to understand what the future is all about? Even simpler things like Groceries or Diapers are being bought online rather than in a store nearby. Is getting harder and harder each day for businesses to keep up with these big companies because of that. So why not businesses themselves get online too and start selling online?

According to The Economic Times report, India’s e-commerce market size is to reach $120 billion by 2026. That’s a huge number! So why not grab this opportunity?

Let’s now talk about the 10 benefits of Website development.

Website Builds Credibility for your business

website development benefits credibility

The best way to prove the legitimacy of the business is to get a website. You might try marketing your business through several channels, be it social media, or maybe traditional/digital advertisement. But how to ensure that you’re not the one spamming people and are providing real services? The answer is to get a website where you list every piece of information about your business that proves your legitimacy.

Writing ‘About Us’, listing reviews from past clients/customers, adding your physical address map, listing your achievements, and listing awards are some ways of proving your legitimacy. Apart from that, you can also mention your unique selling points, add product images, add the overview of your event, add user-generated product images to a gallery or add video testimonials of your customers.

These factors help you build authority as well as prove to your customers that you’re a business that is helping people with similar problems as theirs.

Build your Business Identity on your website

website development benefits identity

When you’re getting your business online, creating a virtual identity for your business is also a necessity. And it needs to be strong to make you stand out.

For creating your virtual identity, you need to mention information like who you are, what’s your history, what values your business stands for, what’s your mission, what’s your vision, etc.

This information can be provided on the About Us page of the website or on the homepage depending on the requirement.

Boost your Brand Recognition

Website boosts brand recognition

When you have a good presence, both online and offline, then people start noticing your brand and your products which also helps in creating interest in potential customers. This not only helps you find new customers but also vastly helps in brand recognition, and people will instantly recognise and recall you whenever there is a discussion about your niche or your products.

This helps you become a noun like Colgate for toothpaste, and Xerox for copying machines, in your local area. This helps you gain a lot of authority in the market and it can’t be easily outlasted by the competition.

Build Connections with Customers and Build a Community

website promotes customer relationship

Having a website is getting the first step in getting to interact with customers and potential customers. Having a connection helps you understand your target market closely as well as creates a sense of connection within your customers. Customers who are connected with you will most likely buy products from you rather than your competitors whom they don’t know much about.

Also, it helps you create a community around your business which is highly interested in your business niche and will help you in word-of-mouth promotion naturally, without any extra effort.

Although many people think they have an excellent community built on social media through Facebook pages or business accounts, but when you’re thinking about a long-lasting business you should also know that any social media is not your property. It’s basically a rented property which can be easily manipulated by its owners as they want. Your millions of subscribers might go to waste if they suddenly decide to reduce your visibility or the user count drops on that social media. That’s why to build a sustainable business, we should always consider building a community around our own property, like our own website or newsletter.

Web Development Drives Sales

website development drive sales

Having your own website means you will be able to create a marketing funnel in the later stage which attracts your business leads on automation. It means that you’ll continue to get leads even when you’re asleep. And through those leads, you’ll be able to make some conversions, resulting in sales. It helps you reach a much larger audience at once, whether organically or through promotions, which might not be possible when you try to achieve the same results through just traditional marketing.

You Need a Website for Digital Marketing

You need a website for digital marketing

One of the topmost benefits of website development is that it gives you the ability to perform digital marketing. Digital marketing includes organic reach through search engine optimization as well as through digital promotions such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Quora ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

These digital marketing methods are achieved using various methods such as promoting pages of the website directly or creating various landing pages consisting of specific products.

Get Organic Traffic

Get organic traffic

Organic traffic is one of the most neglected parts of digital marketing by business owners. But it drives you the most profit in the long run. To get the same amount of traffic that you get by promoting your website via ads costs a lot but the organic traffic is totally free. Also, most organic searches are from those who are highly interested in the products/services you provide and are already in the research mode. When they are channelled properly, they also can easily become your customers without sending a cent.

Organic traffic is achieved by performing search engine optimization and closely monitoring the progress on a regular basis. If you need more information or need help with SEO, check our SEO page.

Web Development Updates Clients

Website updates clients

When your customers are highly active on your website and are interacting with you on a regular basis, informing them about any updates becomes easy. Updates like product launches, store openings, business hours, terms and policy changes, etc can be informed via the website. It also helps your customers to be informed about your business.

Make Customer Service Easier

Easier Customer Support through website

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of a business and if there’s no good support, it can end your business. A business with average products but very good customer support can outrun a business with excellent products but bad support easily.

To achieve good customer support on your website, you can add live chat to your website. Apart from that, every website should include a contact us page through which anyone can directly contact you related to their issues. This saves their time physically visiting your store and facilitates fast service.

Compete with Large Brands in Your Local Area

Compete with large brand with website

People often go for big brands because of quality, support and peace of mind. But these brands often lack a sense of connection with their customers. Also since they’re often not connected with the local culture, they might seem to people as foreign.

But if a business provides the same or better quality than the bigger competition, and people recognise that business as a local brand, they might get a better chance at gaining trust from the local customers than the other businesses in the niche.

The benefit here of website development is that your business will be visible alongside large brands without any limitations. It means you have an equal opportunity as the large brands to grow your business digitally.


When we talk about the benefits of website development, there’s a general understanding that it has the potential to extend your reach. But there are more benefits than that which most people don’t discuss about. In this article, we discussed that apart from reach, it helps you grow your brand value, helps you get recognised, helps in creating a connection with your customers, enhances customer support, and many more. There are a lot more opportunities and benefits of website development than these, but I thought these are the most crucial ones that anyone new or experienced can relate to and find helpful.


We, as Kartafol Marketing Agency, are constantly helping our clients in the development of their websites, SEO, Email Marketing, and many other digital marketing methods. We’ve found that businesses that get a website usually saw an increase of 50-80% increase of their total revenue, compared to when there was no website for their business. Of course, this doesn’t mean that those businesses just made their websites and leads and sales came automatically to them. They had to work on their digital promotions, both organically and non-organically, had to promote their websites on various channels and social media, ran ads through various channels, etc. But in the end, we helped them create sort of a machine in which when $1 is placed, it gives out $2,$5,$10 or $100(depending on business type).

In this journey, website development is the first thing to go and the possibilities that open after that are endless.

Next Steps

If you’ve read this article till now, you might have a business and you have a vision for it to grow more than your current state, or maybe you might have an idea of a business but might be confused about where to start. Why not start now?

You can learn website development yourself and start making your dream a reality, or you can hire someone to do it for you as you like it.

We at Kartafol have a team dedicated just to Website Development that will help you in getting your ideas together to fix and update your website from time to time. On top of that, we provide the first year of maintenance free of cost to our clients to help with any problems they might face, alongside regular checkups of the website.

If you want, we can help you with website development too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and If you want a free consultation from us, book a slot from the button below.

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